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What era was leonardo da vinci born in

The form simulates the debates between Christians and Jews, initiated in Paris in the 13th century and carried over to Spain.
It is something obvious.
Leonardo da Vinci, presumed self-portrait.He became acquainted with Francesco della Rovere, who later became Pope under the name of Sisto IV (1471-1484).In practice, he greatly advanced the state of knowledge in the fields of anatomy, astronomy, civil engineering, optics, and the study of water (hydrodynamics).He studied the topographical anatomy of a bear in detail, making many drawings of its paws.In addition to serving Rome, it was the port of entry of goods from the East for all of Central Europe up to the Baltic Sea.He created models of the cerebral ventricles with the use of melted wax and constructed a glass aorta to observe the circulation of blood through the aortic valve by using water and grass seed to watch flow patterns.Retrieved 22 February 2008.By that time his written opinions were no longer unknown.

It is a feature of many Classical Greek statues.
In 321 Arius was deposed and excommunicated by a synod of bishops at Alexandria.
Wells said "Leonardo had a depth of appreciation of the anatomy and physiology of the body - its structure and function - that perhaps has been overlooked by some." 6 Leonardo's observational acumen, drawing skill, and the clarity of depiction of bone structures reveal him.He was considered, often without foundation, as indifferent to politics, aristocratic, inclined to depression and to "moralism." He is commonly said to have been be in incoherent and inconsistent, a criticism hardly credible inasmuch as various princes would not have implored for his services.They range across many subjects, and they continue to inspire generations.Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.Michelangelo: paintings, sculptures, architecture.The precise date of completion for "Mona Lisa" is still in question, but many historians agree that da Vinci began the masterpiece in 1503.Japanese name: Also known as: Da Vinci-chan Da Vinchi-chan?Leonardo was sent as an ambassador by the Medici court to Ludovico il Moro, who ruled Milan between 1457 With Alberti, Leonardo visited the home of the Medici and through them came to know the older Humanist philosophers of whom Marsiglio Ficino, proponent of Neo.Two anatomical studies If, as is thought to be the case, Leonardo painted the torso and arms of Christ in The Baptism of Christ on which he famously collaborated with his master Verrocchio, then his understanding of topographical anatomy had surpassed that of his master.