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Viral marketing techniques ppt

viral marketing techniques ppt

They start with production and marketing is done while selling and promoting the product to attain sales at profit.
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The company has released several storylines of the same guy in various scenarios, from riding a horse on the beach to preparing to take a shower.This emotion, energy, excitement, or anticipation about a product or service can be positive or negative.Name* Description Visibility Others can see my come vincere al superenalotto 2018 Clipboard.Viral marketing is a method of creating buzzwords or marketing pieces that vaucher volo are memorable and attention-grabbing in our modern, always-connected world.Viral, marketing, presented BY - devesh verma.Social Media : It's pretty much impossible to engage in broad-scale viral marketing without using Facebook, Twitter,, or any other sources.Objective is profit maximization.They may not have needed insurance the first time they saw the Progressive ad, but after seeing five or ten versions of the same message, they will remember Progressive when they need insurance.This method of marketing utilizes social media, videos, text messaging, and other person-to-person methods to spread information about a product or service instead of just creating a commercial and putting on TV or radio.More and more people start talking about your business/product and so you can generate more and more profit through more and more exposure at minimal cost.

The constant uncertainty of what will and won't go viral is what keeps the engine of innovation going!
Difference between Traditional and Modern Concept Traditional Concept Modern Concept.
It can be very fun and entertaining.
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He filmed himself speaking to his daughter about his disappointment in her behavior and attitude of entitlement and then shot her computer several times to emphasize his point.By offering a free giveaway, a video, social media, and reinforcing the message, companies can create an impactful marketing campaign that can expand the awareness of their brand and products.Viral marketing is defined as marketing techniques that seek to exploit pre- existing social networks to produce exponential increases in brand awareness, through processes similar to the spread of an epidemic Meaning.The familiarity of the campaign keeps the message in consumers' minds.Examples of Viral Marketing There have been some very effective viral marketing campaigns.While viral marketing is often spread through social media, it can also be through word-of-mouth or person-to-person marketing.Some example OF viral marketing :-.Sustained promotional activities.Traditional V/S modern, marketing :- Traditional Concepts:- In traditional marketing, more importance is given on selling the product.Successfully reported this slideshow.

This technique understands the needs and desires of the customer and product is designed accordingly.
So you Get the idea So Lets Paint a Picture So from 1 customer, you get 2 And from.